Love is a Bernese Mountain Dog . . .


March 12, 1987 - September 8, 1998

Kari was one of a litter of 10 born in Issaquah, Washington on March 12, 1987.  

She flew home to California in the airplane cabin which was lots of fun and of course she garnered lots of attention during the flight. 

Kari grew up during the years when my niece and 5 nephews were small and loved their frequent visits and all the extra attention which she received from them.  She was part of our Niven Park dog group which met at least twice a day, morning and night, during the 1990's and and loved the attention of her human and canine friends.

For many years my niece and nephews organized a "Doggie Olympics" at Niven Park and we all had great fun watching the kids put the dogs through all their "olympic" challenges such as walking on a wall, recalls through distractions, relay races, and catching treats.

Kari enjoyed good health for the first 7 years of her life with nothing more than routine vet visits.   In 1994 she had a mast cell tumor on the eyelid and had to have 3 weeks of radiation therapy which happily cured it.  The radiation caused her to lose her hair on the upper lid and it never grew back although some of the dark pigment returned.  In November, 1996 she tore her anterior cruciate ligament rushing through the dog door to go to my neighbors for her nightly cookie.  She had surgery to repair it and her doctor was overjoyed with her quick recovery. The other leg suffered the same fate in March, 1998 and a second cruciate ligament repair was performed.   In the summer of 1997 she developed problems eating and lost 10 pounds.  Preliminary testing and biopsies made the doctors think she had lymphoma, but it appears we dodged a bullet with an unusual but treatable ailment called severe eosinophilic lymphadenitis.   She  responded dramatically to treatment and was soon acting like she was 2 years old.  

In the summer of 1998 at age 11 1/2 Kari developed severe walking problems and we assisted her across the Rainbow Bridge on September 8th when her quality of life had greatly diminished.  She was our "Kare Bear" and beloved family member.  We are grateful that she shared our lives for 11 1/2 years and miss her terribly.  Her final tribute appeared in the December, 1998 Alpenhorn.

Bernergarde Dog ID: 2030

Kari's Bernergarde Pedigree