Love is a Bernese Mountain Dog . . .
This wonderful drawing is a tribute to all "Reading Dogs" and animal assisted therapy dogs from Bruce and Jim at Draw the Dog.  It was inspired by the picture shown at left.
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In January 2005 The Marin Humane Society began their SHARE A BOOK program and she has participated in that since the fall of 2005 - taking over Kristie's spot – going to school for 4 hours every other Thursday during the school year – into the reading lab – and reading with many of the 60-90 children in the program each semester.
Holly assumed Gretl's role in the Share a Book program at the Marin Humane Society in early 2008 and participates in both the school reading programs as well as the library reading programs.   Through Share a Book Holly and I have also been working one-on-one with children.  She is in her third year working with a very bright and engaging 4th grader, and just began this summer working with a delightful 5th grader.  She loves to listen to the stories and books they read to her and they love reading to her.
Bernergarde Dog ID: 34164

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The copyright holder for "Beyond Words" is Multiverse Labs which founded Draw the Dog.  The drawing is used with permission.