Love is a Bernese Mountain Dog . . .


If you love Bernese Mountain Dogs you have come to the right place.  I gave my heart to Bernese Mountain Dogs in 1979 when my first, Liesl, entered my heart and my home.  There is much to learn about our breed, and there are many great resources on the Web. 

If you are new to Bernese Mountain dogs and/or hoping to add one to your family, please do spend the time to learn about the breed, learn how to look for a good breeder, and learn how to do pedigree health research on litters that are of interest - before you make any commitment. 

Liesl May 5, 1979 - February 15, 1987
Kari  March 12, 1987 - September 8, 1998
Kristie June 14, 1995 - June 9, 2005
Gretl November 17, 1999 - February 26, 2008
Holly September 23, 2005 -
Charlotte April 30, 2010 -

Check out the Recommended Reading section for a great selection of books including Bernd Guenter's classic The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Dog of Destiny, Barry Schieber's wonderful collection of books about his therapy dog Moritz, the enchanting story of Jules the Lighthouse Dog, and Dr. Nancy Kay's Speaking for Spot, a wonderful reference for helping Berner owners become the best advocates for their Berner's veterinary health care.

Visit the "Health and Other Links" section for great information on understanding the breed, finding reputable breeders, health information, the BMDCA Information Pamphlet Series, Berner-Garde for researching pedigrees, and much more.


Check out the tribute on to Reading Dogs, inspired by Gretl